Positive contributions made by the British in India


Were there any positive contributions made by the British in Indian Economy?


I think economically they made weaker and weaker,about 4.5 crore people got died as hunger in various draught phenomenas but what we learned that without unity we could through them out so we become united only due to Britishers.


They gave us More Proclivity towards Industrialization, as well as a co-ordinated planning system on which five yr plans are based.


they wr the one who started census..most important for a country to knw bout its population before formulating any policy though thay had a different intention but the knowledge system created by them ultimately helped indian intelligentsia to understand the system


Consolidation of the empire > Central Revenue Admin > Judicial Codification - zentoo ----> CRPC and IPC > Democracy and Budgetary System --- Indian Councils Acts > Western Education, Philosophers > Socio-religious reforms- abolition of Sati, Widow Remarriage age act, Age of Consent Act (min age of marriage for women) etc., > Transport and communication > District level administration > Modernisation to some extent but not whole-heartedly > Single currency and weights and measures and scales through out India > Archeological Survey of India > Survey and statistics in India > Major irrigation and water transport systems development > Imbibed the sense of Unity and Nationalism > Overseas education, trade and commerce and some more....


Abolition of Sati, women empowerment, Educational reforms, stepping stone to democratic model of government, introduction of new services like Railways, Postal.


There were many contributions which, though they did not wished to contribute but these came along.

The first and most visible was the infrastructure which they built to run their business here.

Railways, Post and Telegram, Banking system, administrative system etc.

are the ones which they contributed in terms of infrastructure. Next was nationalism, if we with such a huge diversity are united by nationalism it is because we fought them as one.

This nationalism is also the by-product of British rule.

had there been no British rule, India would not have like it is today and would have divided in more parts. British to favour Muslims and suppress Hindus brought about many social changes though these changes were catalyzed by social reformers. Most parts of Constitutions is also inherited from Govt of India Act 1935. But their suppression too far over-weighs their contributions.


Britishers, who mainly followed the policy of duvide and rule, did not personally wantes to contribute positibely in any manner but whatever their contributions were, was blessing in disguise for indians.

Some of them are * english was popularised by them which became a medium to communicate for the indians.

Earlier, due to linguistic factor, they were not able to share their ideas. * they started the railways.

It was a boon for indians.

People started travelling to every corner and spreading their ideas. * telegram service- messages were sent through them by indians. * census- they got many information due to this which helped them later on. * indians came under a single administration which, unfortunate for the britishers, was a factor of unity for the indians. * newspaper- many news, ideas were spread by the indian nationalists. Many more factors are there, which helped indians to unite, recognise their pride, love for the nation and this was the propellant to the rocket which led to their independence.


Every good thing that has happened to India due to British is a byproduct of their economic exploitation...

I guess I am right....