Preparing rigorously for India’s top civil exam


preparing rigorously for India's top civil exam n then wen u hear various incidents of transfer ,mental torture n in worst case suspension of the sincere officers.... it sure makes a long lasting impact on mind.being played at d hands of politicians some of whom may not even be graduate.........for once those self indulgent politicos should try n sit in these exams know their worth n then try n respect the ones who earned their position not begged it in on caste,religion,family n money pretexts.....


There should be Entrance Exam for Politicians too especially on moral, ethics, integrity & mental ability basis...


We should not generalise some thing.

There are also politicians who are well qualified, intelligent and have contributed immensely for the development of our country.

& again evenif they are uneducated or have criminal background , as a representative of the people , we should have respect for them as well.

Because we believe in the principal of democracy.cooperation of the legislature and executive branch of the the govt is necessary for smooth administration.

Unnecessaryly we should not create a havoc or a situation of confrontation between the two.

The current situations came to the lime light is really unfortunate but it is the rarest of the rare.

Our judicial system is one of the best in the world.

If the victims are really innocent then they will definatly get justice.

Truth shall always prevails.

Sai Ganesh:

Indian Politicians are meant to destroy the peace which is restored in this country .They want to play with their limited brains on the knowledge resources the bureaucrats who work a satisfactory way out of every disastrous situation.

Kripa Shankar:

i remembr n occassion whn i raised d same feel b4 Mr srinivas,the then collector of my Distct in a program.

His reply ws a bit perplexive.He said, "Who 'elects' these so called MLAs&MPs?".

So in Democrzy they have 2listen to these "representatives".

Thats hw the framework or system works&aftr all v belong "people's" demcrzy....The solution must come frm/witin d system.

IT WL NOT B A CAKE WALK 2WORK IN THE WORLDS'S LARGEST EXECUTIV BODY.....lets hop let der b not mor pathetic exprnces Durga Nagpal IAS......&LET dis intnc kindle fresh debates regrding the autonomy states in the disciplinary matters of ALL INDIA SERVICE officers...


we give vote but majority of d crowd thinks of caste criteria before excercising their voting rights so on a whole theres only a few percent of real voters who cast vote on the basis of real judgement....its like sometyms a few gud officers have to reap wat majority did (exclusive of them for sure) ....