Study materials from vajirao coaching centre


May I get study materials from vajirao coaching centre, as I am unable to join coaching at Delhi?? N if yes, den what zz d procedure??


@nisha, 1st just go through the ncert books, analyse previous years question papers then you will come to know what to study what to not.


.I myself cracked the pre without any coaching class and without any coaching's materials.


.don't work hard, just work smart.


can some one please post the contact number for vajiram and ravi...its not available online.


Visit official site and follow d procedure and now a days dey started doing some login and providing some material .

Manu Nair:

they don't reply to emails..............


hey give the free view of content only of may month i just check this on the site


You can purchase Vajiram materials from Kumar Book Depot ar Rajinder Nagar.You can have other coaching institutes notes also there.

Preity Singh:

If u are the beginner then don't go for any material.

I have the material of Vajiram its not useful.

better refer good books.