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What is the principle behind international date line?

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Suppose you are starting a journey to the east from 180 deg longitude. So every 15 degree of longitude you pass, you have to advance your clocks by one hour. Thus by the time you cover 360 deg and come back to the point you have started, you will find that you have advanced your clocks by 24 hours and hence you have to retard by a day when you cross the 180 deg line again.

What is Micro Insurance?

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What is Micro Insurance? – As per IRDA guideline micro insurance is where the amount insured is less than rupees 50000. Now micro insurance caters to the socially excluded groups or workers in unorganized sector who have little savings and extends life and general insurance products to them.

The scheme may be extended on the basis of pooling of community resources or on an individual basis. The premium amount is very less and at times returned under term insurance also.Thy are usually extended by a partner agent model where an agent which is an insurance company which designs the product while a MFI(usually an NBFC) who markets it.

The success of micro insurance depends on the no. of people paying the premium. A healthcare agent is also roped in as the health service provider.

Reasons for the rise of communalism in India and what can be done to remedy it?

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Reasons for the rise of communalism in India and what can be done to remedy it?

Division is natural order and human beings find some way or the order to seclude themselves in groups with selective affiliates. Inside religions, we have sects, castes and religious denominations as further subdivisions.

As for rise in communalism it has been due to :

1) Ancient fault lines created by the British that eventually resulted in the division of India has left a deep impact on the psyche of the country. it created a line of suspicion for ever between the 2 communities making the country vulnerable to riots.

2) Polity of appeasement that has made the minority be suspicious of their existence and getting subsumed in the majority.

3) Anti social elements instigating the communal sentiments by making use of technology like social media.4) activities of foreign funded missionary activities converting the gullible section of the society.

Religion which was supposed to provide solace to man and connect him/her with God (seriously doubt if he exists) has eventually turned out to be one of the biggest dividing force (inter as well as intra religion) through out the world.

No institution other than religion has ever been manipulated so much in the history of mankind and that too for the wrong reasons. Hitler was a just a magnified manifestation at the world stage of all the little Hitlers that reside in majority of us. And with power in our hands, we show what we can do.

Why some countries have more than one time zones?

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Why some countries have more than one time zones?

Many Countries have more than one time zones for different part of its territory. This id done purely on Economic interest. The Time gap between Western and Eastern most point of India is approximately close to 2 hours. But to avoid confusion India follows a single time zone. In North East States sun rises and sets early and in western part it raises and sets late ( in real sun doesn’t raise early or late, it is because of difference in longitude).

There is also a argument which states that because of this difference the North Est states are least developed compared to west as they waste precious man hours compared to west due to time lag. Some countries have adopted according to the location and hence they have different time zone.

It is actually better to have different time zones than one time zone.

When 1 liter of water freezes, the volume of ice formed will be…

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When 1 liter of water freezes, the volume of ice formed will be...


1. The volume of water changes when the water changes state from a liquid to a solid.
2. Ice is less dense than water, and it floats on water.


A. 1.5 ltr

B. 1.11 ltr

C. 1 liter

D. 0.8 ltr

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