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Central Asian Republics that are important to India

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Central Asian Republics those of particular strategic and economic importance to India. Examining the opportunities and bottlenecks in enhancing relations with these countries.

Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan along with the independent republics of USSR that came into existence in 1991 are the constituents of the Central Asian Republics.

Out of the various economic, educational, scientific and diplomatic connections. The most prominent 1s are the power and energy, fossil fuel business, electricity, Iron and Steel extraction and manufacturing units that are set up in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan etc. Kazakhstan has the largest oil resources in the region, with 3 hydrocarbon wells. ONGC Videsh has 15 percent ownership there.

Apart from these, international trade strategy of India with Central Asia is focused a lot. Focus on bilateral economic relations with Central Asian countries like Tajikistan, Uzbekistan etc. for which India is satisfying almost half of the share of Kazakhstan’s chemical and medicinal requirements.

Infrastructural development to ease the transportation is a big issue and priority as it enhances economic activities exponentially. Trans-Afghan roadways and railways are helped out by India’s contribution too. India is also working to connect itself with Iran and other Eurasian countries through the Central Asian lands. India is also contributing financially to the Iran-Turkmenistan-India roadways.

India has good military related exchange with Tajikistan. Tajikistan’s defense personnel are trained to be perfect soldiers by Indian militia training conduction over there by several joint military training in Tajikistan as well as Uzbekistan.
India’s counter-terrorism activities are vested to include security intentions to and from the central Asian republics.

Study Plan for Civil Service Exams

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1-draw a time table of your valuable 24 hours
2-make sure that u have minimum 8hours study period.
3-from August to December prepare only for pre cause after December u have newly changed papers in ur hand& according to this start race for maina gs.but u can prepare optional subject.

Books for pre test portion wise.
History-cover modern only, B.L Grover(mod.history) ,Bipin Chandra (freedom struggle)
polity- D.D. basu or laxmikant
General science-spectrum pub,ncert 6Th to 10th,vigyan pragati,
Geography – authentic atlas, spectrum books chronicles special edition, memoriya’s book.
Economy-p.d special edition, economic survey, business times daily
Plans&schemes- kurukshetra,yojna,
Biodeversity- bauddhik publication Allahabad book series,
ecology&environment – bauddhik pub also,sprctrumpub.
Current affairs-chronicle magazine, the Hindu.
Others means- listening radio bulletin, watch dd loksabha,rajyasabha.

*Facets of Indian culture-Kalpana Rajaram
*Modern India XII NCERT
*Modern India-Spectrum, *.Ancient history XI NCERT, *.Medieval History XI NCERT
*Goh Cheong LOng
*Physical Geography of India-XIIth NCERT
*.Principles Of General Geography-XIth NCERT
4.Science & Tech
*.Hindu Newspaper
*.IX & X Science NCERT
*.Science Reporter Magazine
*.Microeconomy & Macroeconomy NCERT XII, *Newspaper articles, *. Indian Economy- Misra & Puri. Go through other basic NCERTs also. 6. India Year Book, 7.Yojana, Kurushetra magazines, Pratyogita Darpan Economic Issues.

How to prepare for the IAS exam?

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The right way to prepare for IAS Exam:

The IAS Prelims syllabus is such that some sections are easier to score off than others. You should aim to cover these sections on priority. So which are the scoring areas for CSAT? Current Affairs, GK, Polity, English Comprehension, Passage, Maps are some of the topics that can fetch you good marks with less effort. Cover these early on. After you’ve done this and have time at disposal go for the other topics like Mental Ability, History, Science, and so on.
A smart approach combined with hard work is the right way to prepare for the IAS exam.

Do the right things to gain an edge over your competition:

1. Get the right Books for IAS Prelims
2. Start preparing at least 10 months before the Prelims
3. Solve past year questions to test yourself
4. Cover the scoring sections early
5. Cover the syllabus strategically. Don’t go for a “prepare all” approach for IAS prelims
6. Balance paper 1 and 2