Study Plan for Civil Service Exams

1-draw a time table of your valuable 24 hours
2-make sure that u have minimum 8hours study period.
3-from August to December prepare only for pre cause after December u have newly changed papers in ur hand& according to this start race for maina gs.but u can prepare optional subject.

Books for pre test portion wise.
History-cover modern only, B.L Grover(mod.history) ,Bipin Chandra (freedom struggle)
polity- D.D. basu or laxmikant
General science-spectrum pub,ncert 6Th to 10th,vigyan pragati,
Geography – authentic atlas, spectrum books chronicles special edition, memoriya’s book.
Economy-p.d special edition, economic survey, business times daily
Plans&schemes- kurukshetra,yojna,
Biodeversity- bauddhik publication Allahabad book series,
ecology&environment – bauddhik pub also,sprctrumpub.
Current affairs-chronicle magazine, the Hindu.
Others means- listening radio bulletin, watch dd loksabha,rajyasabha.

*Facets of Indian culture-Kalpana Rajaram
*Modern India XII NCERT
*Modern India-Spectrum, *.Ancient history XI NCERT, *.Medieval History XI NCERT
*Goh Cheong LOng
*Physical Geography of India-XIIth NCERT
*.Principles Of General Geography-XIth NCERT
4.Science & Tech
*.Hindu Newspaper
*.IX & X Science NCERT
*.Science Reporter Magazine
*.Microeconomy & Macroeconomy NCERT XII, *Newspaper articles, *. Indian Economy- Misra & Puri. Go through other basic NCERTs also. 6. India Year Book, 7.Yojana, Kurushetra magazines, Pratyogita Darpan Economic Issues.