Why Mahatma Gandhi propagated Khadi as a part of independence movement?

Swadeshi was a natural positive corollary of boycott. Mahatma Gandhi firmly believed that a substantial reason for the British to hang in India was their economic interests. Once that is gone, english would have no other option but to leave India. Britain was exporting its Manchester cloth to India at exorbitant prices, so Gandhi thought of weaving Khadi as an option to Manchester cloth. He cajoled people into leaving British cotton for Khadi.

Khadi was a tool of Indian spirit of resurrection that it can take on the might of the RAJ and fight them economically apart from politically. Khadi was a tool to promote the benefits of the most deprived sections as it makes them self sufficient and removes the middle man that was there between the mill owners and the villagers. It is a bodily endowment of Swaraj as Gandhi firmly believed that Swaraj could not come from machines.

Khadi meant equality for all as khadi was meant equally for all irrespective of his social strata. a sinner, criminal, poor, rich, hermit all have right over khadi but only after spinning it. It was a symbol of free India and those who wore it were free in spirit from the shackles of slavery.