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Indian people involvement against deforestation

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Deforestation has been a major cause of ecological imbalance and needs community driven approach for tackling the probable of deforestation. In the past too, people have come together to check unscrupulous cutting of trees and thus making their presence felt in the field of afforestation and prevention of climate change. They resorted to innovative and non violent methods of saving the trees.

Chipko movement was one such movement wherein the people clung to the trees, tied rakhis to the trees as if they were their brethren. The people clinging to the trees thwarted the bulldozers away and gave a loud and clear message to the decision makers that development cant be enforced, it has to come from the sub altern. The women were at the fore front which embarked a new era of eco feminism in india.

It showed that women were an equal stakeholder in the conservation as well as development process. Jungle bachao andolan was another such movement that exposed the bureaucratic greed when it wanted to replace the sal trees with high value teak forests. The tribes were to the rescue and thwarted any attempts to do so.